There are millions of people who join lottery games each day for a chance at winning some extra cash on the side for them to use in what ever they deem necessary in their lives. The Super Cash game is among those with much growing popularity as one can have a chance to get to have as much as three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in one single draw. Here you’ll find the best bingo sites and rooms to play free bingo no deposit required.

To be able to join the Super Cash game, one needs to be in the age of majority to be able to become eligible to participate. To begin with, the game play is relatively simple; one needs to be able to create their very own six digit combination to play. These numbers can be of significance to an individual much like a lucky number of sorts or even some dates in particular or simply random numbers just on top of their heads.

A great feature for people on the go and can’t seem to be able to come up with a combination, the computer terminal can easily generate random numbers for the individual by simply opting for the quick pick feature. These numbers, which need to be chosen to complete one’s combination can be anywhere between the numbers 1 through 39. The chosen digits must then be carefully marked with any colored ink apart from red in a play slip or a bet slip.

When these numbers have been marked accordingly, one then needs to hand over the slip to the authorized representative at the lottery retailer for them to be able to generate and validate the game with a play ticket for that day’s draw. Each play costs a dollar which is not that much for a promise of bigger winnings. As soon as the ticket has been generated, the player must check for accuracy in the printing and sign the back once they are satisfied with their inspection of the ticket. One also has the option to purchase their games for up to 7 days in advance; this is called the advance play option.

Draws are held daily a few moments after the sales for the day has closed at 9 in the evening. The Super Cash game has a daily jackpot prize of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars and will be granted when all 6 digits of an individual’s combination gets to match those of the 6 numbers drawn. But then again, the great thing about this game is that it offers more than one way to be able to win. One need not get all 6 digits in the drawn combination for them to be able to get a prize. For as simple as being able to get 3 numbers from their chosen set to match those from the drawn numbers, one can as easily get to win an instant dollar.

For those who can get 4 numbers out of the 6 winning digits drawn, one will get to win 30 dollars instantly, and one can get as much as five hundred dollars just by being able to get 5 digits in their combination to match 5 from the drawn numbers. However, there is a 7 million dollar prize cap which will be equally divided should there be more than 20 winners for the jackpot prize.

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